The Web Design Process

  1. The Discussion

    It’s always best to start off with a chat about what exactly you’re looking for. A few things that are important to find out right away are:

    • What is the purpose of your site? Are you selling products or services, or do you have something else in mind?
    • What is you target audience? This is essential to know before doing anything!
    • What are some of your favourite websites and why?

    Once I know exactly what you want from your site, I move onto the next step – the sitemap.

  2. The Sitemap

    The sitemap defines the structure of your website. It tells us how the and gives us an idea of the journey visitors will take through the website.

    The sitemap can be simple or complex – it comes down to what we think would be best from what was discussed previously.

    After the sitemap has been decided on, we start taking a look at the wireframe.

  3. The Wireframe

    You could think of the wireframe as the skeleton of the website design. It gives us a very basic preview of the site layout.

    The wireframe also starts to define some of the site’s functionality – it could show where sliders will go, calls to action, videos etc.

    Next we get to move onto something a bit more fun – the mock-ups.

  4. The Mock-Ups

    A mock-up is a detailed design of the final product. This can easily become one of the longest steps as getting the mock-up right is essential!

    Once we’re both happy with a mock-up, the design phase is over and I can start the development process.

  5. Development

    Now we’re all happy with the design, right? Because there’s no going back now!

    This is the part where I lock myself in the office with just a coffee maker and my computer to keep me company.

    As the website build comes together, you’ll be kept up to date on what is happening and I’m bound to have a ton of questions for you!

    Once the development is complete we can look at going live!

  6. Going Live

    This is it. All of the hard work we’ve (but mostly me) put into designing and developing your website has nearly come to an end.

    When you give me the ok, I’ll transfer the site over to the live server and give the site a good test to make sure everything is working as it should.

    But what happens after we party in celebration of a successful site launch?

  7. Now What?

    So the site was a success and everybody is happy, but what happens next?

    You hire me for your next project, of course! If you like the way I work, how about you get in contact with me?

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